The top 5 mistakes RTO’s make

Top 5 mistakes, in a snapshot…

Hiring the wrong trainers and assessors

Often RTO’s do not have sufficient trainers to deliver their training, who have the required experience and qualifications required to deliver the training and assessment. Learn the three main areas where RTO’s go wrong and how to choose the right trainers.

Assessment tools do not meet industry/student needs

The number one non-compliance at audit is training and assessment tools. Learn about the top three issues with assessment tools and what you can do to improve your assessment tools.

Not being clear on their plan for training and assessment

Your Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) is the most important document for your RTO, it is the benchmark on how you deliver your training and assessment based on your feedback. Discover the key requirements of your TAS and how to write a tool that is not only compliant, but will provide a guide to your trainers and industry on how you deliver and assess.

Staying compliant, all the time…

The key to being compliant is to collect, analyse and act on feedback, most RTO’s either do not collect feedback or they collect the feedback but never do anything with the feedback they have received. We will give you three strategies on how to implement a continuous improvement approach throughout your RTO.

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In this eBook I have covered The Top 5 Mistakes RTO’s Make that are easily avoidable and provide strategies that you can implement within your RTO to ensure ongoing compliance.

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