Education in Isolation

How we pivoted during Covid

I know, I used that word PIVOT… but it is the catch phrase of 2020, that and “You are on mute”.

On Friday 23 March 2020, when Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced we were going into lockdown, I was in hospital after just having my gall bladder removed I was watching the news unfold whilst waiting to be discharged. My first thought was “how will the training industry survive”, as I knew that the majority of my clients and the industry were delivering predominately face to face, this is when the idea of Education in Isolation was born.

The following Monday I launched the Education in Isolation Masterclass, which I delivered on the following Wednesday to our clients and the training community, teaching the tools, technology and techniques to transition to online training.

Fortunately for Vivacity, we had already been delivering training online for over 8 years, and we had learnt a lot of those years on what not to do and what to do when it comes to delivering training online. From live webinars to online courses, we had it covered.

For the first Masterclass we had over 160 people registered and can you believe it, on the day my webinar platform decided to not work, so we had all these people who could not get online. It was at this stage that I thought, I have to change platforms and get everyone onto the new platform, this is when we switched to Zoom, the only problem was we had a limit of 100 people on our Zoom account… When we went live on Zoom, we were at capacity, with loads of people waiting in the waiting room, if someone dropped out, a new person came in. This demonstrated to me that we were on point and doing exactly what our industry needed.

Due to the issues with the Zoom account, the following Monday we offered a second webinar on Education in Isolation for anyone who wanted to attend. This time I had changed the Zoom account to take 500 people.

The Education in Isolation Masterclass was such a big success, we then offered a 6 week Mastermind, so that we could continue to support the industry. The Mastermind we later turned into an online course, that is one way of getting content done!

Our clients and participants who completed the Education in Isolation training had great success, they were able to transition to online and it minimalised the impact of Covid lockdown on their RTO’s, as they were able to continue to deliver their training, albeit online.

Following the training, I decided to also launch a Podcast with the same name, Education in Isolation. In this podcast I interviewed a range of people from clients, to speakers and coaches, to online learning platform providers and other training providers.

The podcast focussed on how did you pivot during Covid? What did you do, how did you do it and how will this change the way you work into the future.

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